The studio size is 21 x 23 feet  and 11 feet high. 

The room temperature can be kept at 22 - 25 C


Strobe Lights:

-BT-3000 power pack, with two 1000W light head

-ALFA-600 strobs, ALFA-400 strobe lights;

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-Halogen lights

-High CRI florescent video studio lights. 

9 foot different seamless paper backdrops.

1.4 meter octagon soft box

120 X 80 cm soft box

100 X 70 cm soft box

Reflector, shoot-thru white umbrella,

Wireless radio flash slave trigger, sync cord,

Turbo wind tunnel,


BT-3000 Power pack  


 Email:   Toronto, ON, M6N 2W7